PlasmaPay announces partnership with Settle Network

Published On: December 15th, 2020

PlasmaPay announces partnership with Settle Network. 

PlasmaPay is very pleased to announce an integration with Latamex, the on and off ramp fiat-to-crypto payment gateway powered by Settle Network

“We are pleased to partner with PlasmaPay who have impressed us with the scope and vision of their offering”, stated Nic Bayerque, founder and COO of Settle. “Like us, PlasmaPay seeks to break down the barriers between traditional finance and cryptocurrency and we expect there to be a great deal of potential in our partnership”. 

PlasmaPay, who announces now this partnership with Settle Network at a global scale, has long held the belief that in order to maximize the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency it must be able to interact more fluidly with legacy financial systems and payment systems. It is in this area in particular that Settle and PlasmaPay will explore synergies. As a result, this partnership will bring DeFi closer to massive adoption at a global scale. 

“We have a lot in common with Settle Network, and are delighted to partner with them. Settle has a great vision for the future of online payments, and this partnership should bring tangible benefits to the PlasmaPay ecosystem as we look to bring DeFi to the masses”, added Ilia Maksimenka, CEO of PlasmaPay.

Latamex provides local regulatory compliance processes in every country, adjusting the infrastructure to be able to work in full compliance with internal laws and regulations, providing a seamless experience for users. It delivers customer identification, transaction monitoring and screening capabilities needed for fiat-to-crypto operations. PlasmaPay is a global digital payment platform enabling seamless entry into decentralized finance. PlasmaPay provides industry-leading UX, crypto/fiat wallets, and fiat on/off ramp services to more than 100,000 cryptocurrency users from over 160 countries via mobile and desktop apps. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, PlasmaPay uses blockchain technology to allow users to securely store crypto and fiat currency, buy and exchange digital assets, send and receive cross-border payments, and build payment networks with zero transaction fees.


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