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Buy crypto with pesos, straight into any wallet.

It’s simple, you send pesos and you receive your crypto in the wallet or exchange of your choice. With Latamex, you decide which is the best place to store your cryptocurrencies.

De tu banco a tu wallet

First step: Start here

First step: Start here

No more unnecessary withdrawal fees

Receive your cryptocurrencies directly to your wallet or exchange of choice.


Transfer pesos


Enter your wallet


Receive your crypto

Get started


Now you can also buy USDT, DAI and TUSD, in pesos,
from your bank account.


You can now buy USDC with pesos


You can now buy USDT with pesos


You can now buy DAI with pesos


You can now buy TUSD with pesos


We provide the greatest variety and liquidity of
cryptocurrencies in the local market.

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The most reliable and secure platform

We care about every detail, so below we will show you why we are the best platform to place your trust.


Transaction security

Your funds will always be safe, we only interact with the public address of your wallet and in an encrypted way.


Compliance and trust

We operate under compliance banking levels in the identity verification of our clients and in each of the transactions.


24/7 Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Any questions will be answered in a personalized and friendly way by our support team.

Clients who choose Latamex

Providing our best service since 2018 to thousands of clients in Latin America.

The good thing about buying with Latamex is that I choose where I want to receive my crypto, and then trade where it suits me best. You can fund any wallet with stablecoins and then trade, or fund directly in crypto. They also give you the option to choose the most efficient network and save on fees.

Julián Almeida, Front End Developer, 28, Argentina

Through Latamex I can manage my finances more efficiently, from abroad, helping my family, and in a regulated way. Welcome to the age of cryptocurrencies ;)!

Robbie Menendez, Expat, 37, México

I started handling crypto in 2018. Since then I use Latamex, because it is the only platform that allows me to transfer from the bank to different wallets, at low cost and in a reliable way. When in doubt, the support people are very friendly and super predisposed. That gives peace of mind to operate.

Santi L. Caseros, Finance Manager, 44, Argentina and Brasil

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