Huobi partners with Settle Network to operate in Latin America

Published On: August 19th, 2021


Huobi partners with Settle Network to operate in Latin America. Huobi is very pleased to announce an integration with Latamex, the on and off ramp fiat-to-crypto payment gateway powered by Settle Network. Huobi will now be able to operate with domestic fiat currencies without the need of infrastructure or local companies. 


Huobi integrates with Latamex and then a simple and customizable UI is displayed to guide the user through KYC and payment steps. After the user completes checkout flow and payment is cleared, digital assets are sent to the user’s wallet or fiat funds are sent to the user’s bank account. This process is quick and easy for users, as they do not need further processes. 


“Latin American market holds more than 600 million people and we feel the need to reach them”, stated Jeff Mei, Huobi’s Director of Global Strategy. “Settle will be a key partner for us in this process of market penetration. Our objective is to bridge this gap between fiat and crypto for traders throughout all the region in a fast and efficient way”. 


“We are glad to join Huobi and we expect there to be a great deal of potential in our partnership”, added Pablo Orlando, CEO of Settle Network. “We provide financial infrastructure in a reliable, frictionless and compliant way to operate digital assets with domestic fiat money, helping their Latin American users with simple access to cryptocurrencies through our product Latamex”. 


At Latamex we provide local regulatory compliance processes in every country, adjusting the infrastructure to be able to work in full compliance with internal laws and regulations, providing a seamless experience for users. We deliver customer identification, transaction monitoring and screening capabilities needed for fiat-to-crypto operations. We are very glad to be partners with Huobi and believe this is the start of a new era in crypto! Huobi partners with Settle Network to operate in Latin America

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